Man Arrested For Having Sexual Relations With A Sofa

Posted on November 15th, 2014 by Sarah

A Wisconsin man has run afoul of the law having sexual relations with a sofa in a public place. Gerard Streator, 46, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, was spotted in a comprising position with an abandoned sofa by off-duty police officer Ryan Edwards. According to a report obtained by the Smoking gun, Streator was enthusiastically grinding and thrusting his pelvis between the cushions of the couch in an attempt to achieve gratification.

When Officer Edwards attempted to question Streator concerning his amorous activity with the piece of furniture, Streator quickly took to his heels and vacated the area. However, law enforcement authorities caught up with him several hours later at the hotel where he is employed. Having the law come looking for you at work is bound to be bad enough, but to be arrested while on the job for molesting a sofa in the street has got to be a first. Hopefully, Streator wasn’t too distressed over being cuffed and stuffed and taken away in front of hotel guests and co-workers for is romp in the street with a sofa.

Streator is now facing a fine of up to £7,000 for his fling as well as nine months in jail, and the thought of his reception by his cell mates should he wind up being incarcerated for his crimes is disconcerting at the very least. Although it’s well documented that those who commit sex crimes against other humans are shown a bit of rough treatment by other prisoners, no research exists concerning how sex offenders whose victims were furniture are received. Regaining the trust of family and friends won’t be a small feat for Streator either; it’s hard to imagine not feeling a bit of trepidation at the thought of leaving him alone with the household furniture for any reason.

The sofa involved has not been available for comment.


Fired Teacher Turns To Porn

Posted on October 5th, 2014 by Sarah

Sexy blonde ex-teacher Tiffany Shepherd has found a new career several years after being let go by Port St. Lucie High School after racy photographs of her surfaced on the Internet. Shepherd was enjoying a fishing charter off the sunny coast of the beautiful state of Florida while wearing a revealing bikini, and photographs of that day somehow ended up online. The school board was not amused, and the teacher was summarily dismissed from her position as a teacher. To keep the wolf from coming too close to the door, Shepherd has now turned to a career in pornography. Ironically,
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Should the UK Remove Its Ban on Conjugal Visits in Prisons?

Posted on August 30th, 2014 by Sarah

Currently, the United Kingdom bans conjugal visits for prisoners unlike other European countries. UK prisons are considered public places by the Ministry of Justice; other countries see the issue differently. For instance, Canada allows these visits to keep family bonds strong during prison sentences. Likewise, nearly half of European countries allow such visits for well-behaved inmates. The Howard League for Penal Reform will now look into these issues, including consensual and coercive sex in prisons. Recently, the Howard League dealt with three juvenile offenders that had been raped in prison. These cases brought to light the glaring lack of research
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Women Cross Legs in Hopes of Gaining Road Repair

Posted on July 22nd, 2014 by Sarah

Although withholding sexual favours on condition of certain conditions being met isn’t exactly new to the dynamics of male/female relationships, protesting as an organized group is a bargaining tool that’s relatively new on the social scene. An innovative group of women in a small town in Columbia have decided not to share a shag with their respective husbands until something is done about the deplorable state of the 35 mile stretch of road that connects the isolated village of Barbacoas to the rest of the province in which it’s located. The road is in such bad shape that despite being
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Seven More Sex Facts Guaranteed Not to Thrill

Posted on June 15th, 2014 by Sarah

Not all facts concerning sex are titillating and capable of producing amorous longings; some are silly and funny while others are downright scary. Following are seventeen sex facts that you may want to avoid sharing with your lover if you’re trying to set the right mood for a night of romance. 1. Human semen was used as invisible ink by British spies until it began to be noticed that not-so-fresh semen created an unpleasantly peculiar odour. 2. Noted sex researcher and author Alfred Kinsey had the dubious capability of inserting the bristle-end of a toothbrush into the hold on the
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