Postal Worker Suspended For Stealing Sexy Packages

Posted on January 25th, 2015 by Sarah

A Peterborough postal worker has been warned that he could face significant jail time for tampering with the mail after stolen packages containing pornography and womens’ underwear were found in his possession. Alec Clark, 35, had been a delivery driver for Parcelforce for 11 years before being suspended in May for sneaking some of the contents of certain packages back to his loft.

When Clark’s former home address in Peterborough was raided last May, 10 packets of sex toys and more than 60 pieces of womens’ lingerie were found in the attic along with numerous receipts from adult businesses. Investigators from Royal Mail had received a tip earlier in the year that the delivery driver was dipping into the racier contents of package recipients and spiriting the merchandise away to his own home. Clark has stated that he had no intention of doing anything with the stolen items and that it was something that had seemed to simply “overtake his mind.” Royal Mail owns Parcelforce and has issued a statement to the effect that the vast majority of its employees are completely trustworthy and honest regarding the parcels that they work with and that the company itself has a zero tolerance policy concerning

According to investigators. Clark had been amassing his illicit collection for 10 years. He would open packages containing multiple orders of racy DVDs, for instance, slip one out, and close the package back up again before delivering them to the proper recipients. When confronted with the evidence, Clark admitted his guilt and stated that he had started stealing from packages five months into his career as a delivery driver. He recently pled guilty to two charges of theft. After the case was adjourned, the magistrates informed Clark that they were open to all possible options regarding his punishment for these crimes, including jail time.


The Married Kama Sutra

Posted on December 20th, 2014 by Sarah

The Kama Sutra was complied in the second century CE by the Hindu philosopher Vatsayana. Depicting 64 positions of Young lovers from that time on have used it as a manual for creative sex. However, even though none of them ever believe that the honeymoon period will someday be over, the rosy haze of romance always comes to a thudding halt when diaper pails, household bills, intrusive in-laws and divvying up household chores such as taking out the rubbish bin. Many young couples in the first blush of love would do well to peruse the contents of The Married Kama
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Man Arrested For Having Sexual Relations With A Sofa

Posted on November 15th, 2014 by Sarah

A Wisconsin man has run afoul of the law having sexual relations with a sofa in a public place. Gerard Streator, 46, of Waukesha, Wisconsin, was spotted in a comprising position with an abandoned sofa by off-duty police officer Ryan Edwards. According to a report obtained by the Smoking gun, Streator was enthusiastically grinding and thrusting his pelvis between the cushions of the couch in an attempt to achieve gratification. When Officer Edwards attempted to question Streator concerning his amorous activity with the piece of furniture, Streator quickly took to his heels and vacated the area. However, law enforcement authorities
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Fired Teacher Turns To Porn

Posted on October 5th, 2014 by Sarah

Sexy blonde ex-teacher Tiffany Shepherd has found a new career several years after being let go by Port St. Lucie High School after racy photographs of her surfaced on the Internet. Shepherd was enjoying a fishing charter off the sunny coast of the beautiful state of Florida while wearing a revealing bikini, and photographs of that day somehow ended up online. The school board was not amused, and the teacher was summarily dismissed from her position as a teacher. To keep the wolf from coming too close to the door, Shepherd has now turned to a career in pornography. Ironically,
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Should the UK Remove Its Ban on Conjugal Visits in Prisons?

Posted on August 30th, 2014 by Sarah

Currently, the United Kingdom bans conjugal visits for prisoners unlike other European countries. UK prisons are considered public places by the Ministry of Justice; other countries see the issue differently. For instance, Canada allows these visits to keep family bonds strong during prison sentences. Likewise, nearly half of European countries allow such visits for well-behaved inmates. The Howard League for Penal Reform will now look into these issues, including consensual and coercive sex in prisons. Recently, the Howard League dealt with three juvenile offenders that had been raped in prison. These cases brought to light the glaring lack of research
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